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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping service will ensure that you never have to worry about the accuracy of your accounting records again. Our trained staff will prepare all of your basic accounting records so that you can concentrate on the business.

Our competitive edge is promised on:

  • Quick response to your need
  • Located in London center of the world finance
  • Proactive in all our activities
  • Our fees are competitive and we guarantee value for money.

Our Services in Accounting and Bookkeeping include:

  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Weekly Report (Produced in an agreed format)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Debtors List
  • Creditors List
  • Production of a rolling 4-Week cash flow forecast
  • Sales Order Processing, Sales Invoicing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Production of a rolling 12 months financial forecast (Business Plan and cash flow)
  • Production of a Monthly Report containing
  • Management Accounts
  • Reconciliation of key Balance Sheet items

Also we do statutory reports:

  • Completing National statistics information requests
  • Completing Quarterly Vat Returns and liaising with Customs and Excise
  • Maintenance of the Fixed Asset register
  • Managing staff expenses
  • Control of inter-company items
  • Production of consolidated accounts
  • Management of the time-sheet system
  • Maintenance of Petty Cash

Other services

74 Church Road
Crystal Palace
London SE19 2EZ
Tel. 020 8771 7000
Fax. 020 8771 9955
Mobile. 07939 075 471


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