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Effective Finance Director & Management Consulting

It is not realistic or cost-effective for an SME to employ a full time Finance Director. The alternative is an Effective Finance Director. The service can encompass as little or as much as you require, we help businesses achieve their goals. The Effective Finance Director is constantly available to offer advice and support.

We will:

  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Attend Sales and Management meetings
  • Provide assistance on sales pricing and strategy
  • Produce Annual Budgets
  • Produce monthly Sales forecasts
  • Produce sales commission plans
  • Conduct a regular review of internal controls
  • Produce a year-end audit file and draft statutory accounts
  • Carry out due diligence work for acquisitions
  • Help owner managers track their personal wealth with our Wealth tracker software

We specialize in providing an effective finance team for SME's, since it is not realistic for an SME to employ a full finance team.

The alternative is our effective finance team and the advantage of these to your Company includes:

  • It takes away the headache of managing the support function
  • Ensures that you comply with all your statutory obligations
  • Gives you meaningful and timely management information to help you control your business
  • It is a cost effective means of ensuring a consistent service
  • It alleviates any growing pains associated with the support function

The parts we play include:

  • Attending Board Meetings
  • Producing Annual Budgets
  • Produce a year-end audit file and draft statutory accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Weekly Report (Produced in an agreed format)
  • Produce a rolling 4-Week cash flow forecast
  • Provision of a Payroll Bureau service

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