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Human Resources

Human Resources are very closely linked to the Finance Function. Staffs often make up the bulk of a company's costs; hence it is essential that headcount forecasts are accurate and realistic.

Services we provide include:

  • Provision of a Payroll Bureau service, including PAYE & NIC returns, SSP, SMP etc
  • Management of the Recruitment process
  • Management of all Training
  • Management of the Appraisal process
  • HR Legal assistance and liaison with Solicitors when required
  • Maintenance of holiday, sickness data etc
  • Maintenance of pension, life assurance, healthcare etc
  • Responsible for Disciplinary procedures that may be required
  • Preparing and maintaining Resource forecasting reports
  • Updating job specs
  • Management of all Health and Safety
  • Assistance with Annual/6-Monthly Salary Reviews
  • Maintenance of a Staff Grading Structure
  • Managing the application for work permits

Other services

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